How Did Smaug Stay Fed for So Long?

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How Did Smaug Stay Fed for So Long?

Post by Avis »

I've been thinking about Smaug the dragon from The Hobbit. He admits that he was young when he first took over the Lonely Mountain, and now he's much older. Dragons must eat a ton to stay alive that long!

But after Smaug came, he totally decimated the countryside around the mountain. All that was left were some crows, thrushes, and ravens - not enough to keep a dragon fed! Also, besides maybe the oldest dwarves, no one in Laketown had even seen Smaug, let alone been raided by him for food.

It seems like the Elven kingdom of Mirkwood and the dwarves of the Iron Hills were also left alone by Smaug during his reign. He doesn't seem to have been raiding anywhere for horses, cows, or even maidens to eat.

So what do you all think - how did Smaug manage to stay alive and fed for so long while holed up in the Lonely Mountain? Where was he finding enough food? Let me know your theories!
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Re: How Did Smaug Stay Fed for So Long?

Post by Gala »

As for Smaug’s food source, it is not explicitly mentioned in the book. However, it is suggested that Smaug had not hunted men for a good many years by the time of The Hobbit2. It is possible that Smaug had other sources of food, such as wild animals or even other dragons. It is also possible that Smaug was able to survive on a relatively small amount of food, given his size and the fact that he was able to hibernate for long periods of tim
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Re: How Did Smaug Stay Fed for so Long?

Post by JoshuaJat »

I've always wondered how Smaug managed to stay fed for so long while hoarding all that treasure in the Lonely Mountain. Did he have secret food stashes hidden away somewhere, or did he have some sort of magical ability to sustain himself? It's a mystery that has always intrigued me, and I'd love to hear other fans' theories on the matter. Let's discuss!
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