Layout of Middle-Earth after the wrath of the Valar

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Layout of Middle-Earth after the wrath of the Valar

Post by Xavierliveshere »

Hi, I have read The Silmarillian several times and I was wondering if someone could help me? After the wrath of the Valar, where is Beleriand, or parts of Beleriand in contrast to the layout of Middle-Earth?
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Post by Daeorn »

Beleriand is destroyed/washed away. It no longer exists. The only thing left is the area around the Blue Mountains and small islands.
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Post by Nuada »

Beleriand was in the extreme west of middle-earth! I think! If you look at your map of middle-earth and find the Shire and the Blue Mountains, it was West of there. The Great Forest of Doriath was situated there, home of some great Elves, even Tree beard walked the lands of Beleriand. But it is all gone now unfortunately.
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Post by Paedha »

Basically the Mountains in the far east of Beleriand is where the grey havens are in LOTR.. thats how much of beleriand was destroyed..
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