After the Movies Ended

Here you may discuss interesting facts about The Lord of the Rings movies including, including the difference between the books and the film adaptation.

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After the Movies Ended

Post by MastrLOTRELF »

what do you think happened to everyone after the movie ended if it were to continue and why.
Man of the west
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Post by Man of the west »

Well....we learn tha aragorn has many trials tribulations...gimli and legolas eventually sail into the undying lands. sam is thought to have but it is never truly told him being a ring bearer it is possible...other than everyone pretty much live full lives and die in peaceful accomplishment
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Post by Ronja »

I think they lived until their days came. :lol:
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Post by matthew479 »

well Gimli went back to Moria with some other dwarfs and legolas sailed away with the other elves Aragorn was king pipen sam and merry lived in the shire for the rest of there lives
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Post by Althenea »

Éowyn and Faramir got married :wink: , obviously, and Legolas and Gimli went to live in Minas Tirith with Aragorn because they're such good friends. Sam and Rosie have lots of kids and Merry and Pippin go to live in Fangorn with the Ents! :) Oh, and Legolas gets married to Éowyn's beautiful daughter princess. :oops:
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