The undead Army

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The undead Army

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In the movie, Aragorn entered the narrow passage along with Gimli prior to reaching their destination where they defended the allies that had summoned them. They joined forces against the raid lead by the main army; they had already defeated Saruman.

It appears to me that the undead did defend the king and I forget exactly why (did they see his sword?), but in the final battle the undead swept in like a wave. I am not exactly in agreement with Tolkien if this is what took place in the book because what I would have rather seen is a king that is redeemed, but the undead army should have always been there to defend him. I would have the king rise in power and have the enemies flee, rather than to be annihilated. What has returned to the king is his own responsibility.

The undead army should have been revealed to him inside of that cave but not seen again because they are his people in shame.
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