what is the best Lotr MOVIE

Here you may discuss interesting facts about The Lord of the Rings movies including, including the difference between the books and the film adaptation.

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what is the best Lotr MOVIE

Post by matthew479 »

what is your favorite movie yes i know the books are better but i want to know about the movies my favorite one is the first cus i like Boromir i like the part with the secret meeting at rivendal also the mines of Moria thats awesome
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Post by Peregrina_Took »

I really like FotR, mostly because it' s the most accurate of them all. It seems to me like the farther Peter Jackson got into the Trilogy, the less and less accurate to the books he got. :(
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Post by Tolkcraft »

I also agree that the Fellowship of the Ring was done the best. It was a good movie, and even the dark riders scene was very enlightening. The other movies had some great scenes in them but the feel of them was sliding into some sort of heroic adventure as opposed to a struggle to survive the growing evil. They also mixed up the characters of Boromir and Aragorn because Boromir was the brave warrior, and instead Aragorn should have been trying to find his faith in ....

Now the first movie was just really cool and the creatures were so well done. I liked how the Balrog came out of the depths of the dwarf city, and the Orcs crawled the walls. That was a great way to depict them as underlings, also due to the rising of the great old one.
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Post by Ikera »

Personally, I enjoyed each Lord of the Rings movie immensely. It was all in all inspiring and so action-packed.... words can't decribe how much i really enjoyed it. As much as I loved each movie, in my own honest opinion, my favourite would probably be... The Return of the King. Yes, I really love FOTR and TTT, but in ROTK, we saw heroes come forward and that's what I really enjoyed about it. I still love them all though. We can't forget Sam's touching speech in TTT or every awesome fight scene in FOTR.
In fact, it's true to say, each movie is a masterpiece. :D
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Post by Morgana97 »

i think the normal edition best is fellowship of the ring however i also have the extended edition and as a numorian i have too say the two towers due to the boromir and faramir scenes
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Post by Mrs.JaelaBaggins »

i like all the movies ut i have to say the 2nd bc it shows how protective sam is and shows how the ring is affecting frodo.
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