Here you may discuss interesting facts about The Lord of the Rings movies including, including the difference between the books and the film adaptation.

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ya, me too :D
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lol so we have a bit in common, i think that a person has to be special or very good to be able to do that!! it is like a special ability! :D 8) :D 8)

(compliment to those who can do that out there!!)
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but sometimes, i don´t want to do that, that i can have playing the film with reading i just think about what i want and sometimes, i can´t imagine some character when i think about it without reading, but when i read it, i know how it looks like.
if you understand... :D
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Amen to that!

Every single movie was breath-taking and awe-inspiring. It pressed on the key plot and message of the story and just made each character look so heroic.

I mean, you have GOT to love the LOTR battle scenes, the awesome music for each different setting, the costume, the backgrounds, the energy... EVERYTHING!!

In fact, I only wish it was longer, and that any of the scenes they cut out from even the Extended edition could be shown. I've memorised scripts and used many scenes for my drama monologues, and every time i do, the hype, the emotions that i feel every time i watch the movies come back.

I'm a big fan of LOTR, and everyone at school teases me for it, saying that Harry potter or Narnia is better, but then i just tell them an insult in elvish e.g. Nostach be orch gaer - You smell like ten orcs, or Hria Culie get a life. :P

So yeah.... sorry for going off track, but here's the thing. The Lord of the Rings is a MASTERPIECE!! An epic, awesome, unsurpassed MASTERPIECE!
No one and nothing can possibly overshadow it, and i'll be honest... i say quotes all the time to keep my spirirts up. It's a great thing to do, but what even better is sitting down and having a

I suggest you try it. You'll be pretty much living LOTR once you're done. It is awesome!!!!

Namarie, Mellon- and don't forget.... that LOTR IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!
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