The Dunadan

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Kale Swift
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The Dunadan

Post by Kale Swift »

Does anyone know the history of the Dunadan?
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Post by Eothain »

You mean the "Dunedain" (plural, all of them) or any specific "Dunadan" (thus, in singular) ?
Eothain son of eomund
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Post by Eothain son of eomund »

i think they came from the island of numenor and when it was taken over by orcs or something they moved to gondor and arnor (around bree)
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Post by Charwen »

That's a very long story.
You should read this:
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Post by alea_nightstar12 »

Well you can try the and search other books by Tolkein or go to the Appendix in the back of The Return Of the King. Why do you want to know?
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