The New Movie is coming

Here you can discuss "The Hobbit" book and share the news about "The Hobbit" movie coming soon (any interesting facts, questions are welcome)

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The New Movie is coming

Post by li_ly »

How do you think the new movie "The Hobbit" will be as great as the previous? [/b]
Saruman the Wise
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Post by Saruman the Wise »

i'm not sure. i mean, PJ isn't going to be directing it, but Del Toro has made some great movies.
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Post by CodyHensley »

I think now that Jackson is directing it it's going to be epiccccccc.
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Post by Legolas& »

I think it will be good, but i don't think it will be beter than Lord of the rings.
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Post by Enri »

Well, since it'll be the "prequel", I don't think it'll be just as dramatic and breath taking BUT who knows. The world before in The Hobbit and the occurrence was different compared to LOTR.

Also haven't even read The Hobbit so it'll be a complete surprise :]
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Post by Redwood »

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see The Hobbit!!! :D :!: :wink:
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