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The Controversial Origins of Aragorn's Lineage.

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Did Aragorn's ancestors secretly have connections to an ancient civilization predating even the Elves, potentially revealing a deeper and more mysterious history for the Line of Kings in Gondor? Explore the possibility of hidden lore that could challenge conventional understanding of Middle-Earth's lineage and add a new layer of intrigue to Aragorn's claim to the throne.
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Re: Aragorn

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Evidence hints that Aragorn's bloodline connected to a pre-Elvish civilization. The Numenorean kings likely unearthed ancient ruins and lore from a forgotten people. This knowledge empowered Elendil and Isildur when battling Sauron, and later aided Aragorn's claim to Gondor's throne. Tolkien's themes of reforging past bonds support the notion of Aragorn inheriting hidden histories. Active digging into Middle-Earth's unseen legends could uncover these narrative threads. Aragorn embracing his lineage as king may have involved wielding knowledge from elders unknown even to the Elves.
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