other endings

Here you may discuss interesting facts about The Lord of the Rings movies including, including the difference between the books and the film adaptation.

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other endings

Post by beclachy »

i am a fellow LOTR fan, just analysing my way through each movie cozi havnt got a life. I was just wondering why would the fellowship go to all that trouble of travelling through, Eragion-but realising Saruman was watching them, then to go over the misty mountains,-but Saruman ruin that idea too, then finally the trouble of Moria.
This could all have been avoided if they just travelled north over the misty mountains, north over the grey mountains, west of iron hills, westaround the sea of rhun. then just go through the giant oppening round the back end of modor. dress up like orcs and work there way through.

ps. i'm 45 and live with my mum does this mean i have no life?
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Post by LegolasLegolasLegolas »

I guess that would of worked, but wouldn't Saruman have ruined that too?

Reply to P.S. No, it just means you need a new life. :)
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Post by Ganderif »

That would take about 10 years lol. I think they should have got about 200 elves and gone through goblin town to the other side of the misty mountains. The elves could then go back to rivendell. Now they follow the old forest road untill they reach the river running. They float down untill they get to the sea of Rhun. Then they follow the east shoreline of the sea and walk to mordor. They then find a couple of orc oversears watching the slave men. They kill the orcs and steal their clothes. They get to the mountains blocking the way to the plateau of gorgeroth. They hide in the mountains untill the army of the west comes and all the orcs leave. Then they destroy the ring!!! WOot.
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Post by Damis »

Yes it would take too much time, by the time they made it to mordor Sauron would have conquered most of middle earth... think about it.
If the fellowship didn't break and everything happened just how it did Mordor would have won.
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All of you Guys are wrong

Post by Araborn »

I think it would have been even faster to have the ring carried over mount doom on an eagle and dropped down.

See the movie on YouTube: How LOTR should have ended?

U gotta see it 8)
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Post by Araborn »

the fact is that tolkien wrote the books not to make a movie. the only reason i posted that is because it would have gone faster. Tolkien wrote the books and they cant be cahanged we're just thinking about what could have happened.
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Post by Ikera »

Dude, seriously - they destroyed the ring in the end anyway!!!!

Yes, there is always a lot of discussion on the Fellowship doing it differently, but then again, if the Fellowship had gone a different path, I'm pretty sure they would have had to face even more trouble and danger and that maybe... the ring might NEVER have been destroyed! :O
And all because of trying to find an EASY way out!!!!!
tut tut... you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!

Ok, i'm just kidding, but yeah. It's fine the way it happened, i mean, Gandalf the White wouldn't have come if they hadn't been so daring.

And to the person who started this topic, you are totally fine. You can be any age to love LOTR. :)
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Post by Tolkcraft »

Gandalf did his research but he needed time to find out about the ring, and he did not know that Sarumon the wizard was seeking the ring. The ringwraiths were working on their own, and they chased the party into the forest. There was no plan other than that they were trying to find a way into Mordor. Then they were broken up finally and captured, and than finally the ring itself began to play a character role in the story.

They were never in control, except for some respite such as after battles or the meeting at Rivendell. The ring was a strange adventure in the first place, because it had to be taken in the direction of the danger, rather than away from it. They could have left it for the ringwraiths and tried to save their own lives, but instead they wanted to destroy it.
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Post by Morgana97 »

It would have taken for ever!!!!!! but well done for thinking of it!

answer to th p.s
its not that u have no life its just that u should get out more! :D
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