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x-sam-x wrote:why could the elves resist it then? and then couldnt legolas or one of the other elves taking the ring instead of froddo?
Sauron didnt know about the existence of hobbits so they were not in his plan when he made the ring. This is why hobbits can resist the ring better than most. That is why it had to be frodo. Anyone else would try to use the ring for good but the ring is pure evil and will corrupt even the elves or Gandalf if they use it.
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i read they tried to flee and some were captured and killed with the rings that were striped away some were lost like the one in moria by the end of the 3nd age all rings were either captured by suron or lost
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x-sam-x wrote:oh yeh thanks just in the movie the elves said they would take it but then got into a massive rowe because the dwalfes would not let the elfs take it .. thats what i thought the reason was lol oh well
It was Gimli who im pretty sure said i will die before i allow the elves to have the ring or somthing like that.
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