Movie dilemma for a reader...

Here you may discuss interesting facts about The Lord of the Rings movies including, including the difference between the books and the film adaptation.

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Movie dilemma for a reader...

Post by Magbks »

Having greatly loved the trilogy for many years, I decided to avoid the movies when they came out. Initially, I doubted they would be good, but even after I heard they were wonderful, I didn't want the movie images to supplant the mental images I had from the books - which is what always tends to happen. In particular, I didn't want the actors' faces in my head. Especially people like Liv Tyler, who I don't think much of.

So I decided I'd skip the movies for the moment, and then down the line, when there will likely be a 2-year reissue or something, and I won't care so much, I'll see it then.

But it just happens that I now have the chance to see all three in a row on successive nights, and I have to admit I'm tempted.

So my question is - have you all found that now when you think of the books, you have the actors' faces in your minds?
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Post by Cerridwen »

Yeah actually, I'm finally starting on the Fellowship of the Ring book, and I can't exactly picture what Tolkiens perspective was on the characters, it automatically goes to the actors in the movies. But I saw the movies way before I even started on the books.
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Post by Ikera »

Well, now that you say it, I do picture the actors in my head. However, I'm totally fine with it. In fact, whenever i read the books, it's almost as if JRR Tolkien was thinking of them in mind as he wrote the book. Each actor totally fit the role, as did the settings and costumes.

I do agree that the movie is quite different from the book, but it's a great film nonetheless and still presses on the key morals and ideas we all love about the book.

I have nothing against peter Jackson and his choices, and I'm pretty sure that Tolkien himself would find the movies still as captivating as his own story.

So yeah.... the movie has made a big impact on how I percieve characters in the book, but it makes me enjoy and understand it even more. I suggest you watch it, and then you'll see what i mean.

Hope that helped. :)
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Post by Tolkcraft »

If you have already read the book than the movies can not replace the book, but sure, they will leave an impression. If Liv Tyler gives you a nightmare than her role as an elf could increase her chances to look good if that is what you are suggesting.

I myself found that the movies took a path which was entertaining but it was not fulfilling, and so the book is in the future. I did not feel inspired to read the book after the movies, however the book was not in danger.

The truth of the matter is that they did something that needed to be done. Back in the days of Tolkien, the world was in danger after the conflict that destroyed much of civilization, and it is not possible to relate to the consumption that left the future upon the shoulders of the outsider. We are stuck now with super heroes rather than mortals. I believe that the Lord of the Rings is a darker plot with just a flicker of hope because of a miracle that leads them out of exile.
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Post by Godon »

Dear friends!

I wonder if someone here have heard about any explanation from Peter Jackson why the chapters with Tom Bombadill are excluded from his movie? I have found a discussion on the internet -
but no quotes from the film-maker himself.

With best regards,
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Post by Mrs.JaelaBaggins »

yes i do but before i saw the movies i looked at the pictures and they did a good job getting the actors to look like the character in my opinion
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