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i think leagolas mostly cause aragorn couldn't get close to leagolas cus he would get shot before he could and if he did get close he would get stabbed from leagolas because he has his hunting knifes
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aragorn is definatly better because he is more manly and fit, i love his beard!! where as legolas looks so young and girly.
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Better in what sense? Personally I prefer Aragorn. :)
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Do you mean better in 1VS1 combat? or how they affected the history, or who killed the most under a battle?

if it was 1vs1, i would vote for legolas, after 1 shot, aragon is dead..

if it was how they affected the story, it would ofcourse be Aragorn

If it was the one who killed the most, i have no idea, but i think it would be aragon.
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Re: ur all wrong

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Araborn wrote:Aragorn is better, there is just no way that Legolas could be better. Just think what would have happened in the plot if either of these two characters were not included in the plot. If Legolas were gone there would have been more people killed in the battle of helms deep. Maybe one of the fellowship members might have died in Balins tomb. If Aragorn were gone their would be no heir to the throne of Gondor, no heir to retrieve the army of the dead, and if the army of the dead was not retrieved all of middle earth would have fallen into control of the dark lord Sauron
Aragorn is a more important character..Yes
Who is more powerful and better in battle-Legolas
First of all Legolas is an elf i.e better eyesight,strength and reflexes,Yes better than man of dunedain.
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