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Post by Ciaya »

Does anyone else think Gollum or "Smeagol" creepy? And isn't his name really Gollum now? Smeagol was the cute little "hobbit" Gollum is what he turned into. Am I right? I was actually on his side after he tells bad Smeagol to go away but when he turns back... oooo he makes me so mad. I do admit I like the part in the movie when he gets the rabbits and is so proud of himself. And gets mad when Sam stews it. My favorite line is when Smeagol says "You keep your nasty chips to yourself" When Sam was talking about how good potatoes would be. Feel free to give your opinion. :wink:
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Post by MastrLOTRELF »

that was quite funny and what do you think you would be like if you were him?
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Ha ha i think people should read the book...learn a little more about who smeagol really was...but yes...he is intended to be creepy
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I agree, reading the book is a good idea! One thing you learn is that Smeagel is definately changed by having the ring for so long. It helps to show what happens to those who are in possession of the ring. When Bilbo changes infront of Frodo, it shows what happens with a shorter possession. Over all, I think the idea is to show just how powerful and evil the ring is.

Anyone else?
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your all right if you only watch the movies you wouldn't know all of smeagol good side and i also feel bad for him WHY DOES THE RING MAKE HIM EVIL SO
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