who is your favorite character

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Re: who is your favorite character

Post by Elf Friend »

[quote="Legolas_fan88"][quote="thranduil_15"]who is you favorite character[/quote] I love them all but I have two favorites Legolas and Aragorn[/quote]

You are SO right! but on the end of that i would add Gimli! EVERYONE WHO'S FAVES ARE LEGOLAS, ARAGORN AND GIMLI (but more Legolas, as he is my ULTIMATE FAVE COS HE IS AWESOME!) YOU ROCK!!!!! :mrgreen: :P :)
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Post by matthew479 »

pipen! man hes awesome man! i also like sam and boromir to bad he dies :( i liked boromir he was okay with aragorn becoming king of gondor
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Post by matthew479 »

Peregrina_Took wrote:I've got to say that Peregrin Took is my favourite character. He's such a fun person, not to mention that he's utterly adorable. :D
you are absolutely right
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Post by Gandalf_45 »

I like Gimli becasue he is a dwarf who tries to beat Legolas at killing orcs. :D
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Post by Legolasluver68 »

Omg legggo is Sooooo cute but I just can't deny my love for <3 borrryy
:arrow: :oops:
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Post by very7684 »

by far ill have to say that gimli is my favorite character because he is short and stout and alot of people underestimate him, but he packs one hell of a punch, thats dwarves for you
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Post by spearikr »

I would have to say Aragorn is a badass, but Arwen (movie) is hot...and she's also somewhat of a badass!!
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Post by samirta »

i guess my fav character is... frodo sam and gollum
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Post by iulian »

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Post by iulian »

Aragorn,Legolas and Gimli are my favourites
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Post by MorgothFan »

I'd say Melkor from the Silmarillion but if it's only about lotr then it's the Witch King...dammit i love his appearance in Return of the king. He should have won :twisted:
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Re: who is your favorite character

Post by Gala »

Of all the fantastical beings that sprang from Tolkien's imagination, the unpretentious Samwise Gamgee stands as my most cherished.

Though Middle-earth teems with personalities as intricate as the elegant etchings on Elvish blades, this modest gardener rose to become the true champion of the story. As faithful as the stars in Varda's sky, Sam never abandoned Frodo, sheltering his body and spirit through every thorn and snare on the road to Mordor. When peril drove others to flee, Sam remained stalwart, willing to hazard life and limb to safeguard his beloved master. His steadfast resolve kindled Frodo's own fading courage, fueling the ring-bearer's exhausted steps.
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Controversial characters: Love or Hate?

Post by DanielImict »

Who is the most divisive character in The Lord of the Rings series and why? Is it Boromir, Gollum, or someone else entirely? Share your thoughts and arguments based on their actions, development, and impact on the story. Let the debate begin!
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