who is your favorite character

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Post by RoosterBlade »

I thought perhaps Aarogorn - Noble, Live long time, King, Fancy sword, honourable, Awesome stubble - what else could you need?
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Re: who is your favorite character

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[quote="thranduil_15"]who is you favorite character[/quot
Legolas Rocks! :twisted: Faramir rocks as well!
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Post by Collapse »

It is hard to choose and it isn't always the same. When i red the books first time i loved Frodo, after that Merry and Pippin, when i was high school i loved Eowyn and Faramir and so on and so on.... Today my favourite character is Aragorn but tomorrow it can be Gandalf. I love them all.
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Post by LegolasMirkwood »

legolas because he's good with bow and swords, becaue he's good friend and loyal, gimli because he's funny while competing with legolas, aragorn simply because he is he, merry and pip - what could i say more? arwen because she's so mystic and wounerable, galadriel because she's powerful, faramir because he let frodo and sam go and i feel sorry because haldir and boromir died.
that's all for now. i guess :wink:
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Post by Tinksey »

Legolas he is soooo Hot!
But Gimli is really kwl 2 :D [/quote]
Long Live Glorfinde
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The movies - definitely Gandalf! Here takes ont he Balrog of Moria and confronts Saruman and the Witch-King of Angmar! :)

The Books - Glorfindel, for saving Frodo and his heroics at Gondolin! :!:
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whats the new site and you know what, Velron is just proving how much of a life he has so next time you talk to him tell him if he doesnt like the Lord of the Rings he can fuckin find a new damn site. If I could track him I would pop my ranger ass out of the shadows and scare him shitless
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legolas ?!?!? :)
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Post by Rain j »

I like Legoles Aragorn and Gandolf
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Gimli :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I like Aragorn, Sam, Pippin, and Gandalf.
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Legolas And Gandalf! 8)
Gilgalad the elf
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Legolas and Haldir(hes that elf at helms deep who lead the elves and he died in aragons arms
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Favourite Character

Post by Lady Arabelle »

Oh,wow that's a tough one. I do love Frodo. He's so cute.(baby cute) :wink:I also love pippin,he's awesome! Then there's Gimli,he's hilarious :lol: !!So I dont really know
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LEGOLAS WITH NO DOUT.......... HE IS SO VERY VERY VERY CUTE :!: :!: :!: :oops: :!: :!: :!:
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