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Post by Windrider »

Lady_of_Aragorn wrote:Those are the most goosebumpy-scenes!
Yes indeed. I could not think of words that can describe what I feel when I see those scenes, as well as other scenes.
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Post by Darkguy89 »

li_ly wrote:
thranduil_15 wrote:best scene to me is battle in pelenor fields when they reach the gate of White Town, and my secnd best scene is when gandalf put crown on aragorn's head, when he saw his love of the life then it comes :D Aragor and all Minas Tirith bow before Frodo and the company :D
I like when Frodo cut his finger to safe the world. It emphasize his courage.
Frodo didn't cut his finger off gollum bit it off
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Post by sadronniel »

basically i like all the scene involving legolas...especially in the battle.. and when he fights :D
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Post by Collapse »

I agree with Windrider about that scene where Pippin lights the Beacon. That is fantastic and beautiful and also pretty funny. Especially in the last part of return of the king there are many scenes that's makes me cry. But if I would have to pick just one it would be the scene where Pippin sings in Minas Tirith and Faramir rides towards Osgiliath.
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Post by Damis »

I have alot haha!
I love when Mordor breaks into minas tirith and the lower toned "Minas Morgul Theme" plays it just gives such an evil like juggernaut feeling.
I also like right before the end when after aragorn runs into the black gate merry and pippin run in second those little bamfs!

I also love when Minas Morgul has the huge green pillar of misty fire and everyone just wants to crap their pants.
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Post by arwenundomiel20 »

I loved battle scenes, they were very epic. I also loved the scene where we find out Gandalf is alive. Oh, and all the scenes with Legolas and Gimly (they are so fun)
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Post by michaelalan2 »

My favorite scene was when Gollum [in The Two Towers: Extended Edition] mumbled a song
that went something like this: Smeagol is good.
Smeagol is nice.
Smeagol is friendly...

I liked it because it was both funny and creepy. :D
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Post by Cerridwen »

It's either the part when the Ring is finally destroyed, or the scenes with Treebeard and Pippin and Merry.
Gilgalad the elf
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Post by Gilgalad the elf »

either when the 6000 horse riders go up on the hill the sun comes up and they charge or when the Lothlorian elves sent hundreds of arrows at helm deep on first volly
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Post by leapyear29 »

the scene where legolas fought the giant elephant(oliphant)..the best scene in the film and that's why i love him haha
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Post by wifeofopoher »

my fav scene is when Legolas feels let down from his people then he says sorry to Aragorn and then Haldir turns up and the lightling on his face and I didn't like the bit where Haldir dies.

:) wifeofopoher :)
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Post by PenguinRage »

Windrider wrote: 1st one is when Pippin lights the Beacon and the all beacons are lighting across the White Mountains, connecting the two mighty realms of men. The montage of those epic mountains with that wonderful music was spectacular.
Beautiful scene! so powerful! probably my fav as well.
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Post by Thomh Goblinsmasher »

so many great scenes. but i think i love when the orc blows up the wall the best. The siege at the end of movie two.
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Post by Legolas& »

I have many favourite scenes, but the one i like the most must be the warg-attack, or maybe the scene where Legolas and Aragorn are "fighting" I think the scene when Legolas give Aragorn his sword to become friends again after the "fight" is kind off emotional and shows alot of good friendhip. I also love the battle in Helmsdeep when the elves are arriving. Oh, and when Pippin lights the beacen and many others are answering.
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fave scene

Post by Althenea »

My favorite scene is definitely when Legolas takes down that Oliphaunt :shock: cool! I like the scene at Helm's Deep when Legolas teases Gimli about not being able to see anything and when they're counting their kills. :lol:
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