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Do you think Gollum was a good creation?

Poll ended at Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:56 pm

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Post by ringsmater »

Vote on how you would rate Gollum, do you think Gollum was a good creation?
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Post by Valar-Lamp-Ormal »

How do you vote?
BTW deffo yes :D
Saruman the Wise
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Post by Saruman the Wise »

i think they did a great job with Gollum. very life like, and mangy and creepy and all that kind of good stuff
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Post by alea_nightstar12 »

he's a good creation and a personality that is both good and bad.
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Post by aragonking »

gollum rules he is awesome :evil:
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Post by zombiepeople »

I'm assuming you ment in the movie?
Yes, they did an amazing job with gollum...after the first movie, I was actually a bit nervous to see what they'd do with gollum, but it was wonderful, and the effects were awesome.

As for Tolkein's writing of the character of Gollum, that was also great. Tolkien perfectly portraied a character who is both good and evil and the part that gollum added to the tale of both the LOTR and the Hobbit was essential and a great addition to the stories.
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Post by Hexen »

Don't mean to be a braggart, but i do a mean Smeagol impression. lol :D
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Post by zombiepeople »

Don't mean to be a braggart, but i do a mean Smeagol impression. lol
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Post by x-sam-x »

i think gollum is mint be a bit scary but even adorable at times lol :P
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Post by Strawberries »

I loved Gollum. Such a good character. :D
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Re: Gollum

Post by Gala »

If we discard the will of the Ring, it turns out like this: two best friends were fishing, suddenly one found an unremarkable golden ring, the second strangled the first one, because he liked the ring... It's quite wild and unnatural. About the fact that the Ring made Smeagol Gollum, I agree, Smeagol himself was disgusting. And he dragged something from his grandmother, I don’t remember what..., it seems to be written in The Hobbit.. But that he killed his best friend, yes, it’s the Ring. But he instantly fell under the influence of the Ring, as he saw it, I think that matters smth.
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Reimagining Middle-Earth: What if Gollum had successfully destroyed the One Ring?

Post by DanielImict »

Imagine an alternate ending where Gollum triumphantly destroys the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. How would this unexpected outcome have reshaped the fate of Middle-Earth, its characters, and the subsequent events depicted in both the books and movies? Explore the potential consequences and intriguing possibilities that could arise from this unprecedented twist in the epic tale of The Lord of the Rings.
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