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5 Things Casual LOTR Fans Might Not Know About Gollum

Gollum is one of the unique characters’ in Lord Of The Rings. You find LOTR games everywhere, just like you find many of the poker online games online today.

So, it should not come as a surprise that the next trilogy will be all about him. His appearance might not be the most flattering, but if you are a fan of LOTR, then you can't help but be sympathetic yet unsympathetic with him. But we can blame his nature all on the ring.

The Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gollum

Here are five facts that you might not have known about Gollum.

#1. He was once a Stoor.

Gollum had a life before what he is depicted in the LOTR films. He was a Smeagol, which is a type of hobbit person. He came from a kind of hobbits known as Stoors. They are the heaviest of the other two types of hobbits; Fallohides and Harfoots. However, in the film, Gollum is a shadow of his hobbit origin.

#2. The fourth bearer of the Ring.

Surprisingly, Gollum was able to hold on to the ring for so long. He was its fourth bearer after he had killed his cousin Deagol. The first bearer of the ring was the maker, the second one was Isildur, who was a High King of Gondor, and the third one was Deagol.

#3. He is named after his cough.

If you are a fan of the LOTR, then I am sure you already knew this fact. The LOTR books depict that people forgot Smeagol's name; thus, he earned his name from his cough. If you carefully watch the film, then you can hear his distinctive, unique cough.

#4. The ring increased his lifespan.

Gollum died in Mount Doom at the age of 589 years. The ring must have been the reason he lived for so long.

#5. He is the hero.

Despite Gollum's flaws, he is the true hero of LOTR. The Fellowship went to Mount Doom intending to defeat the evil of Sauron by casting the One Ring into the fire. However, Frodo, who was supposed to destroy the ring, got corrupted by it. Gollum snatched the ring from him, but he slipped and fell into the lava. When you think about it from that angle, he is the hero of the LOTR.

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