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Things You Didn't Know About Smaug

Let's talk about dragons, but not just any dragon. We will talk about the antagonist of the Hobbit - Smaug. The character was first depicted in 1977 by Peter Jackson. Today, you find Hobbit and dragon related games everywhere, including in mohegan sun casino games. Also, the red dragon has taken center stage in the LOTR.

In this article, we are going to dissect Smaug and let you know about some of the things you didn't know about them.

#1. There are other dragons.

Smaug takes center stage when you get to think about Tolkien's Legendarium. However, in the magical realm that is Middle Earth, there are Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves. Also, they have a god named Eru Il├║vatar. Eru has angels known as Ainur who help him create things. However, like in all stories, there is a bad guy. In this case, an Angel has gone rogue.

One of the things that he creates are dragons which were used during wars. However, they had a lust for gold and wealth. The father of all Dragons is Glaurung, and Melkor, his lieutenant. So Smaug was never the only dragon.

#2. You got his name wrong.

A lot of readers will pronounce Smaug as "Smog," which is wrong. However, his name is pronounced as "Sm-ow-g." It is derived from a German word meaning squeezing through a hole.

#3. He was the last.

According to the letter by Tolkien, Smaug was the last great dragon. He was a Great Fire Drake dragon and the last of his kind. Gandalf was compelled to kill Smaug because he knew that Sauron was gaining his power. If Smaug and Sauron were to join hands them, the War of the Rings would have been a different one.

#4. Smaug could not melt the One Ring.

The Elves had three rings; Dwarves had seven rings, of which four were melted by dragon fire, and men had nine rings. Dragons could melt all the rings except for the One Ring. Gandalf revealed that the One Ring could only be destroyed by the same fire which forged it at Mount Doom.

#5. His love for his wealth was immense.

Smaug is one of the wealthiest fictional characters. It is estimated that his treasure is worth $62 million. This might seem much, but Smaug knew what was there. Bilbo tried to steal a cup from the treasure room, but the dragon knew it and would have none of it.

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