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Initial Introduction
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Hobbit Once in the good old times when friendship and love could work wonders, when true miracles happened, there was a fairy land, Middle-earth, where magic reigned and all the creatures enjoyed their live under the sun. But the peace and harmony were disturbed by the Dark Lord, who secretly from the others built up a huge army of vile orcs, disgusting wraiths and other terrible creatures. His sole aim was to regain the One Ring that gave him endless strength and absolute power. Now the world hovers on the brink of the most bloody war which a mortal has ever witnessed. No one knows for sure whether Good will take over Evil or not. The struggle has only begun.

“Oh, c’mon,”– one would say, – “ we’re sick and tired of colorful computer games that bore to death with their simplicity and dullness. We want something new and original! Panem et circenses!!!”

Ok, thought the Team of Lord of the Rings Fantasy World web site and came up with an idea of creating Lord of the Rings Online Game. The plot of the game is based on Tolkien’s well-known trilogy and transfers you into a fantasy world, full of exciting adventure and magic beings. You have an opportunity to choose whether to become the rescuer of Middle-earth, to save it from the grip of Evil, or to take the Dark Side and bring chaos and destruction all over Middle-earth.

In Lord of the Rings Online Game eleven races, empowered with magical abilities and armed with a deadly weapon, will strive for supremacy. Remember that strategic planning and tactical cunning are instrumental in your goal to be the undisputed ruler of Middle-earth!

The game will give you an incredible combat experience with sanguinary duels and splendid team combats up to the last man standing. However, if you crave for a business experience – Lord of the Rings Online Game can provide you with such. You can plunge into buying, selling and re-selling items to attain considerable wealth, enjoy on-line shopping benefits and bank services. Lord of the Rings Online Game will endow you with marvelous opportunities to score an ultimate triumph both in business and bellicose world.

Playing Lord of the Rings Online Game is like eating one peanut –it’s practically impossible to stop. Rich gameplay, original characters and unforgettable experience – all these unite LOTR online game players.

Sharpen your swords and embark on a journey through a world where dreams are reality and the supernatural is natural. Win the One Ring and make your day!

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