Peoples inhabiting Middle-earth
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Dwarves: They are children of Aule and were created to oppose the intrigues of Morgoth and his follower Sauron. They show great endurance, are very strong; wear long beards and are proud of that.

They do not serve the Forces of Darkness, but at the same time, they are at odds with elves quite often. They show deep love for workmanship and they are both fine smiths, excellent stonemasons and miners, as well as brave warriors.

Dwarves are a very avid and greedy folk. They are ready to start bloody wars and sacrifice the lives of their friends if there is any chance to get treasures or artifacts. When fighting, they do it with all their bravery and might.

Having joined White Power and dwarves, then fight for the Ring! If you win, all the treasures of the mines will remain yours, and on top of that, you will get the Ring.

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