Peoples inhabiting Middle-earth
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Elves: Elves are amazing creatures. Their beauty and life span is beyond any compare. This ancient folk are incredibly powerful and extremely knowledgeable. Yet they are shrouded in mystery.

Elves fear mortal wounds and sorrow, for they may kill them. When an elf dies, s/he loses their bodily shape and goes to the Houses of the Dead. And there is no return.

Elves are renowned archers. They can stay hidden in the woods, and shoot without a miss. They look down on dwarves and it’s not in their nature to make friends with them.

Having joined White Power and Elves, then do not forget that the elves wrought the Rings once and their destiny is inseparably linked with Arda – after the doomsday the elves will join Ainur and their voices will merge together and a new world will appear. Win the One Ring and subdue Evil!

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