Peoples inhabiting Middle-earth
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Hobbits: It is not easy to be a hobbit. Quite often, hobbits have to face terrible ordeals and they will have to walk more than one thousand miles to reach their final goal. This ancient folk love its motherland, the pipe weed and comfortable way of living. There has to happen something truly extraordinary to breach their peace.

Agility, swiftness and obscurity are the best qualities of hobbit-warriors. Despite their height and relatively low physical strength, hobbits show extreme sensitivity and can be very dangerous even for huge trolls or dreadful Wraiths. When fighting, hobbits are incredibly brave and bold. Without a moment of hesitation they will sacrifice their life if need be.

Having joined White Power and hobbits, you have every chance to test your internal strength and resistance to Evil at Mount Doom. And if you pass the test, you値l win the Ring!

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