Peoples inhabiting Middle-earth
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Wraiths: Wraiths are the most vile and terrible creatures in the whole army of the Forces of Darkness. They are phantoms of fallen warriors and the kings, who succumbed to the Dark Lord Sauron. They are famous for their ability to bewitch and frighten their enemies with an icy hissing noise. And now, in times of trouble, during the War of the Ring, they joined the Dark Lord and his Army.

There are both ordinary warriors-wraiths, who rose in rebellion from Barrow-downs, and mighty Nazgul, the Ring-Wraiths. Although, they are fleshless they do know how to pierce mercilessly their enemies with shark Morgul-knives.

Join the Forces of Darkness and the Wraiths and make the Enemy tremble with fear at the sight of YOU. May the Great Eye help you!

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