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Rules of the game (essential reading)
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To get started playing the Lord of the Rings Game make sure you have read and comprehended the Rules before you go any further. Ignorance may be bliss in some situations, but in Lord of the Rings Fantasy World, the more you know the better off you are.

As a player in Lord of the Rings Game, you have the responsibility of following these rules in the spirit in which they were intended – that is, fair play for all. Players are expected to have and make use of common sense and understand the reasons behind the rules, and to behave appropriately in circumstances where specific rules may not apply. Treat other players with the same respect and dignity that you wish to be treated.

Rules may be amended from time to time as new situations arise. While the Administrators will make every attempt to inform players if the rules have changed, players are responsible for checking the rules frequently. Ignorance of a rule is no excuse.

There can be:
- deliberate disrespect towards the Rules – i.e. with malicious intentions
- unintentional disrespect towards the Rules – i.e. made by stupidity

Grave crimes:

  • “Multiplaying” is NOT allowed in Lord of the Rings Online Game. You may not have more than one character at a time logged into the game
  • Development of one character at the expense of another one
  • Formation of any criminal conspiracy to boost your character’s characteristics
    (i.e. deliberately give in)
  • Use of any obscene words or racist slurs, or any combination thereof.

Minor crimes:

  • Deception of another player; any kinds of shady deals
  • Disrespect towards Administrators and their actions
  • Impersonation of an Admin member, or representing oneself in any capacity as an Admin member


Punishments can be imposed straight away or after some time when you’ve reached a higher Level and they include:

  • Locking your character for definite (indefinite) time.
  • Financial penalties
  • Loss of your character

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