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It is located in the central square of every city. You can buy a wide range of goods including armor, weapons, jewelry, equipment and magical items.

Martial Arts School
Without a professional use of weapon, your way will be hard and thorny. In Martial Arts School you can practise the skills of using a certain type of weapon, which will improve your chances of hitting the opponent.

Repair shop
The swords got blunt, The armor is worn through…. Drop in repair shop and your things and weapons will look like new ones.

Artifacts Shop
Artifacts shop is located in … and … . It is full of unique items. Although they cost a lot, they are every penny worth it. Each artifact has its own intrinsic and unique qualities which give its owner more strength, agility and make him/her practically impossible to kill.

Post Office
Post Office is used to send money, things or letters to your friends.

In troubled times it is dangerous to wander across Middle-earth even for experienced warriors. We recommend to keep your money in a bank, where you will get an annual interest rate of 12 %.

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