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SarumanGandalfVery long time ago there lived an insidious and vile Sauron who used to be the right hand of the Dark Lord. However, when his Master was expulsed, he preferred to run away. And was drawn to the high rocky peaks, located to the east of Gondor, which was the most powerful kingdom of Middle-earth at that time. He settled down in Mordor and there started building his mighty Barad-dur (which means “Dark Tower” in Sindarin). Since then the scum of Middle-earth began to get together behind the forbidding slopes of Ephel Duath. Orcs, trolls, Men of Darkness – they all gathered under the standard of Sauron, they guarded and helped to erect the stronghold of Evil.

Later on Sauron befriended the elves who were renowned throughout Middle-earth for their beauty and skills at forging magical artifacts. Sauron planned to forge hitherto unknown things – the Rings of Power. “The gold infinity of the ring will endow me with ultimate power. And then night will fell on Middle-earth,” – thought Sauron. Having stolen ancient gold from the treasuries, Sauron ascended to the fire-mountain of Orodruin. Neither mortal nor immortal witnessed that fateful ascent. Having found himself at the fire of Mount Doom, Sauron began to forge the One Ring in order to control all the other Rings. Rage and will, hate and blood lust filled the Ring. When the work was over, Sauron chanted the Ring-spell, which would bring it to life:

Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

it read:

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Since then Sauron and the Ring were inseparably linked together. But the Good forces unraveled the deceitful nature of the Dark Lord. And the war broke out. Elves, courageous people of Arnor and Gondor, fair-haired horse-breeders of Rohan, strong as a horse dwarves and wise wizards-istari were on the Good side. And Sauron retreated, but he was not thrown down. He started controlling the other Rings, which gave a certain power to their owners. Little by little, he turned nine Kings into his slaves. Thus, the Nazgul emerged.

In the meantime the war now died down, now flared up. Many swords became blunt in the battles, many boots were worn out in the campaigns to the stronghold of Evil, but Sauron continued to breed strife and widen the borders of Mordor. And then the Good forces gathered a new, mightier army and named it the Last Alliance. Through fire and blood they made their way to Mordor, and the battlefields were snowed under bones and armor. At last, Sauron showed up at the slopes of Orodruin. Frightful was his blow, for the One Ring blazed on his finger. It seemed that the hope to defeat the Enemy was just about to fade. Yet a brave son of the King of Gondor, Isildur, stepped forward and struck from the Dark Lord’s hand the finger bearing the One Ring. Many thought that was the end of Sauron, but no, … he stayed alive.

Middle-earth found its tranquility for some time. Unfortunately, Isildur died in the waters of the river Anduin together with the One Ring… And chaos fell on Middle-earth again. In the meantime, Sauron began to derive his strength not only from the lost artifact but also from clashes, lies, and greed that filled Middle-earth. For it was written in the ancient chronicles: “As long as Evil will reign in our lands, as long as we do not respect each other, the Dark Lord will come back again and again.” So it happened – the Enemy came to Mirkwood, where the fortress of Dol Guldur was located. When wizards-istari found out about it, Sauron fled away to Mordor. No one knew where the One Ring was. And the elves began to search for the Ring. Their aim was noble – to destroy the Dark Lord for good. The people of Gondor joined them in this quest for the Ring, and guarded their borders from frequent attacks of bloodthirsty orcs. And the dwarves joined them too.

The enemy also began to look for the Ring. He sent his heralds-Nazgul all over Middle-earth. Nine wraiths rushed about mountains and blossoming valleys, until they found out about an undistinguished folk – the hobbits. It was rumored that one little but very cunning and agile hobbit found a ring in the mysterious caves of Misty Mountains. This finding sparked interest of both Good and Dark forces and drew nearer the beginning of a new war.

Wild cries of frenzied orcs, threatening growls of giant trolls and hollow whistling of the Nazgul are heard more often and often. For they die from the swords of men and the axes of dwarves. And the battles will continue till the last soldier remains, till the Dark Lord either gains absolute power or retreats for good. Meanwhile thick dark clouds are gathering over Middle-earth and they hide the future that lies ahead. Uncertainty reigns in the fairyland…

Here the story cuts short. But it does not end. Now every new page depends entirely on you. Choose either Good or Evil side and join the battle. May luck help you!

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