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Cueball\'s Middle-earth
My name is Cueball, I am a huge fan of Tolkien. I am on this site to make friends with people and talk to them about what they thought about the story.
My favorite characters are:
Saruman - Saruman is one of the istari. He was a friend of Middle-earth, but now he serves Sauron. He tried to destroy Rohan, while Sauron tried to destroy Gondor. He did not expect the Ents of Fangorn to destroy Isengard. He fled from Rohan and tried to destroy the Shire, and he prevailed for a while, until Merry led an army of hobbits to overthrow him.Sauron - Sauron is the main enemy in the lord of the rings. He is a powerful fighter and a strong leader for the orcs and evil men. He was overthrown by the hobbits Frodo and Sam.Theoden - Theoden was the king of Rohan. He fought braveley in the battle of the Pellenor Fields but was slain by the Witch king of Angmar. Eomer is now the king of Rohan.Ugluk - Ugluk is the leader of the uruks sent to capture the halflings. Or at least he was after Lurts was slain. Lurts killed Boromir and then was killed by Aragorn. Ugluk captured the two hobbits Merry and Pippin. He was killed by Eomer the exiled third marshal of the Ridder Mark.Treebeard - Treebeard has many names. Some call him Fangorn. But I call him Treebeard. He led the Ents to destroy Isengard and he became the keeper of Isengard.Samwise Gamgee - Samwise serves Frodo. Frodo is his master, and Sam is his servant. He does garden work for Frodo at Bag-End. Then he does work helping Frodo to destroy the ring. He will not be separated form his master no matter what the cost may be. He will NOT break the promise he made to Gandalf.Peregrin Took - Pippin is Frodo's cousin just like Merry. The two of them could not stand to be apart. But Merry had to ride with the Riders of Rohan and serve the King Theoden, while Pippin become a soldier of Gondor and served Denethor.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry is Frodo's cousin. He set out to protect Frodo while he destroyed the ring in Orodruin, but was captured so that Frodo could escape. Merry and Pippin are best friends and are never seperated. Then they did separate. Merry rode with the Riders of Rohan and became a servant of Theoden.Legolas - Legolas is the prince of Mirkwood forest. His father Thranduil sent him to Imladris to tell Elrond that their captive, Gollum, had escaped. He set out to protect Frodo. Aragorn and Gimli made an unlikely friendship with him and they each have a respect for one another.Grima Wormtongue - Grima secretly serves Saruman but meanwhile he destroys Theodens mind.Isildur - Isidur was the last king of Gondor. He took the shards of Narsil and cut the ring from saurons hand. He took the ring and Elrond led him to the very place it could be destroyed. But when he got there, he did not do what he came to do. He was ambushed by orcs in the Gladden Fields, and the ring was forgotten for a century.Gandalf - Gandalf is melenia old. He is one of the istari. There is some rumour about Gandalf and his family. Some say he has none. Thats what i think. Others think his brother was Isildur.Gil Galad - Gil Galad, like Celeborn, was not in the movie much. He was not in the book much either but he was a strong warrior. He fell to sauron and his forces on the slopes of Orodruin. That was during the Great Alliance of men and elves.Gimli - Gimli came from Erebor. His father Gloin travelled with Bilbo Baggins to slay the dragon Smaug. You can read more about that story in the book called The Hobbit.Gollum/Smeagol - Smeagol is over 500 years old. He stole the ring from his best friend Deagol. Deagol found the ring in the river willst fishing. Smeagol killed Deagol and took the ring, and the rest of the stoors drove him away. He went to the Misty Mountains and the ring consumed him there. Then Bilbo found Gollum, wich is what he became. The two of them had a riddle contest. Before the contest however, Bilbo found the ring laying on the ground. He won the contest and Gollum showed him the way out. Bilbo followed Gollum and made it out of the mountains alive.Frodo Baggins - Frodo is the ring bearer. He is the one who willingly offered to go to Mordor to throw the ring into the mountain of Orodruin.Galadriel - Galdriel lives in lothlorien. She was offered the one ring freely from Frodo. Had she taken it, she would have become like the dark lord himself.Eowyn - Eomers sister, Eowyn is the only one left at her uncles side before he dies. She gets married to Faramir of Gondor.Faramir - Faramir is Boromirs brother. He marries Eowyn of Rohan. He meets her in the houses of healing.Denethor II - Denethor, being boromirs father, is a noble but sad man. He becomes so when Boromir falls in battle.Elrond - Elrond is the founder of rivendell. He is very unhappy that Arwen gave up her immortality for Aragorn.Eomer - Eomer is the king of rohan. At least thats what he becomes when Theoden falls before the walls of Minas Tirith.Aragorn - I like Aragorn because he is a mysterious person and a strong warrior.Arwen - Arwen is intersting to think about. She is torn in two between her love, Aragorn, and her elvish imortality.Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo is not like other hobbits. He is very interested in elves and dwarves and travlling on adventures unlike the other hobbits.Boromir - Boromir is a proud person. His father seems to care more about him than his brother Faramir. Denethor also wishes him to bring back the ring from rivendell thinking that it will be a strong weapon to fight Saurons forces with.Celeborn - Celeborn isn't in the movie much but he is in the book quite a bit more. He is a very strange person. He keeps in touch with Gandalf and is good friends with him. He gave his ring of power to Gandalf so that he could be with Galadriel.

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