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Welcome to the page of Simon Ward
<b>I am a great fan of the Lord of the Rings, books and movies. I have read the Hobbit and in "The Fellowship of the Rings", i am on a chapter called Many Meetings. In the Hobbit, my favourite character is Bilbo, and in Lord of the Rings my favourite character is Gandalf. I have seen both of the movies and my favouritew part is when it's the Battle of Helms Deep</b>. <b><br><br>Enjoy Reading about the Characters
My favorite characters are:
Frodo Baggins - He's a good hobbit and you can tell hes related to FrodoBilbo Baggins - An amazing character, and the best character in the whole of the book, the HobbitElrond - A great healer of all, and a wise elfAragorn - A great warrior and a magnificent hunter. Deserves to be in the fellowship and a kingGandalf - Grey or White, he is the best character any author could imagineGimli - The best Dwarf Tolkien inventedGollum/Smeagol - He is really sneaky and unfortunate, but evil. People say i can do a good impression of himLegolas - The best Elf in the world, no one could even hurt him, not even SauronPeregrin Took - Funny, but a weird hobbitSamwise Gamgee - The best hobbit in the films, Frodo should be calling Sam sir insteadSaruman - Evil, just pure evilTreebeard - Treebeard is great, and good at lots of things, including drowning Isengard
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