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Welcome friends of the shire....
My name is Dremwin. I live in the USA. I found this web site and decided to set up camp with you all for awhile. It seems friendly enough a place to share stories,dreams, and adventures. Ah, Lord of the Rings. All I can say is that Tolkien is a genious. The books were so tasty to my eyes and imagination, and then there are the movies. Peter Jackson nailed it mostly from head to hairy hobbit toe.<br><br> I have been drawn to medievil themes since childhood. While other kids were playing army, I was off in the woods jumping over mossy stumps and small brooks with two pieces of wood hammered together to form a sword and handle guard. My attendance of Reniassance fairs across the United States has allowed me to fulfill my passion as someone from a time long forgotten.<br><br>This may be a sappy- sentimental page I've created, but I stand by it. After all, are there not dreamers in each one of us? Are there not warriors and knights running through the child-like passages of our brain and bloodstream? We here on this site are people with intelligence and great passion and imaginations. I am proud to be in such good company.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - A true expert of the bow arts. Legolas is the key to having someone watch your back in battle!Gimli - Ahh...Gimli. He is truly a fav. Anyone that size that can swing a battle axe so precisely has my vote!Gandalf - Where would we warriors be without a great Wizard? Need I say anymore?Arwen - She is (That is Liv Tyler is...) Beautiful and played the character dreamily.Aragorn - I relate to Aragorn in many ways. He is a constant thinker, a cunning warrior, and always watches out for his fellow man. I too am pretty handy with a broad sword.
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