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My name is Tanisha, I am from Thibodaux, Louisiana and I am 19 years old.<br><br>LOTR started me to beleive in ancient worlds, myths and legends. I do believe that there are magical worlds beyond ours. LOTR goes beyond myths...it takes us to the very heart of history..."history became legend, legend became myth..."<br><br>Tolkien was a wonderful writer. Without him, LOTR would not have been possible. He will always be remembered for his absolutely wonderful and exceptional work.<br><br>I cannot say who my favorite character is...I love them all. They are all special and mysterious in their own way.<br><br>I became a LOTR fan when I first saw "LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring". I was hooked for life then. I know that I have not been a fan for very long, but it goes way past the movies. I also love the books. I grew up with them and will always cherish them.<br><br>Peter Jackson is a terrific director. He brought to life the myths and legends that Tolkien had created. They both will always have a special place in my heart and all the hearts of their people.<br><br>Now, I hope you have enjoyed my fan page. It may need a little more work in the near future, but at least now you all pretty much know my perspective on Middle-Earth.<br><br>Feel free to e-mail me at akasha_mindfreak@hotmail.com whenever possible...thank you all...<br><br><br> As always,<br> Eowyn
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - Sam is very compassionate and helpful to his master Frodo. His dedication to his responsibility and to his taking care of Frodo is exceptionally incredible. I LOVE HIM!!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry is the type of &quot;hobbit&quot; that makes one laugh...He's constantly in mischief and always quick to take on a challenge. He's wonderful and very brave. I also love him...Peregrin Took - Pippen is...well...he's FUNNY! He makes me laugh and can sometimes be really serious. His performance in LOTR: The 2 Towers was incredible and I plan to go and watch the movie again....and again...and again....and again...and again...and again...lolArwen - Arwen is very pure and spiritual. She's beautiful and wise, knowing great knowlege and affection. She's just wonderful.Celeborn - I really do not even know who this character is...Elrond - He lives in a BEAUTIFUL place! I love Rivendale...Lord Elrond is wise and understanding. He is bothe caring and energetic and loves his daughter Arwen and his people very much. Elrond is wonderful both inside and...out....lolLegolas - I think Legolas is an extremely wise and talented. He is wonderful with a bow and arrow and can outsmart any Orc....I just think he's so flipping SEXY!!!Gimli - Gimli is very....unusual. He's helpful to Legolas and Aragorn in their quest to save middle-earth. Gimli offers his specialties of humor and responsiblity...He's awesome.Gandalf - His magic and helpfulness has always been of big use to the fellowship. He is there to carry the burden of Frodo as long as it is Frodo's to bear. He is wonderful and really big-hearted. I love him!Galadriel - She's beautiful! She is wise and helpful to Frodo and the rest of the fellowship. She offers a purity and a sense of humor at one point. She's dramatically challenged and overightingly brave. She's of the purest and the fairest of all beings...Frodo Baggins - Frodo is wise, friendly, compassionate, helpful, brave, and just so darn wonderful. His responsibility to carry the ring allows Frodo to show off his braveness and wonder. He's a terrific little hobbit!Aragorn - Aragorn is adventurous. He's quick with a sword and soft at heart. He rides like no other man. His love for Arwen is very pure and heart-felt. His whole existance is a wonder and a treasure.Eowyn - Now, Eowyn is a very wonderful person. She learns that her feelings for Aragorn deepens as the story goes on. She is great with a sword and rides like a man. I think that she's just what &quot;the fellowship&quot; could use...not saying that they suck
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