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Mythical daydreams....
Hey there!
Thanks for visiting my members page means alot :-). Anyways I'm 16 live in England and am absourlotely in love with LOTR! Don't get me wrong I ain't no fanatic who obsesses but i amm prone to alittle daydreaming lol.
What do i love about middle earth? well lets see... The romance , heroism , and differing species that make it such an interesting read and enjoyable film.
Eowyn was my fave female character: talk about sticking to your guns! She fought for what she beleived in and i still think that bears resemblance for many people today and not just women.
As for my faveourate male character well there's simply far too many! Eomer (hot) , Aragorn (swoon) and of course Legolas are amoung my faves but then its fun imagining characters featured in the books rather then seeing them on film as well.
As for me, well i would love to have been an elf in somewhere like Rivendell with its simplistic beauty and calm - but then wouldn't we all?! lol.
Currently i am writing my second novel so this place is where i come to chill out and admire the classic masterpeice of J.R.Tolkein.
Well if you'd like to know anthing else please feel to post something on the forum and I'll get back to you as soon as.
Thanks again!

My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeeLegolasFaramirEowynEomerAragorn

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