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Quellefalathien aka fir3r0se aka *BeX*`s Lord of the Rings page
<b> I have just begun my recent obsession with Lord of the Rings. I am a student and the co-editor-in-cheif of my high school newspaper, despite my horrendous spelling. I am obsessive with the New York Yankees + Jets, and the New Jersey Nets + Devils. I am currently reading </b><i>War and Rememberance</i><b>for the pure hell of it. I truly hope you enjoy this site!</b>
My favorite characters are:
Elrond - Immortal as all elves are, he is not afraid to admit that his time is endingAragorn - He is wise, noble and everything I could ever want from a kingEomer - Brave and courageous throughout his unfair banishment from RohanEowyn - She kills the Witch King, that is all I need to knowFrodo Baggins - Such a little creature. Such a terrible burdenGaladriel - Who wouldn't want to be the elf-witch of Lothlorien?Gandalf - The fatherly figure throughoutGimli - When things are at there worst, his humor is at its bestLegolas - Anyone who can shoot a bow and arrow like that...Meriadoc Brandybuck - Humor throughoutPeregrin Took - See Merry'sSamwise Gamgee - Always loyal, willing to take over should Frodo failTreebeard - I like talking and walking trees. Ok, Ents.
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