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Hi. I'm 15 I've read th Lord of The Rings serios 4 times that encludes the Hobbit. I've watched the movies tons of times also. I like to play computer, X-Box, and Ps1 and ps2 games. I like all the other characters also I like the whole thing. One thing that really sucks is that they left Tom Bomdibil out of the movie.I also think that it sad when Borimer dies. I havn't wached the extended versions yet but I hope to soon. I own all three Dvds well actually my Parents do but I watch them more than anyone in my family. I Luv Lord of The ring. I also like games like Halo 1 and 2 and Unreal Tournament, and Half Life 1 and 2.
My favorite characters are:
Eowyn - Eowyn is afraid but also strongEomer - Eomer Loves his country and his kinsmenBoromir - Boromir is kind and has a soft spot for HobbitsArwen - Arwen is strong willed and Loves AragornAragorn - Aragorn is kind but yet strong and at the begining mysteriousFaramir - Faramir is sad because his father doesn't love himGaladriel - Galadriel is a very big mystery you don't know alot about her but she is very wiseGandalf - Gandalf old but Kind and is loyal to his friendsGimli - Gimli at first hates Elves but after awhile him and Legolas become very goood friendsLegolas - Legolas is quiet but when he has something on his mind he tells youMeriadoc Brandybuck - Merry has a hard time when Pippin has to leave but he still serves his friendsPeregrin Took - Pippun in a way is terrified to leave Merry but ends up being very BraveSamwise Gamgee - Poor Sam even when Frodo leaves him he still goes after Frodo and doesent give up hopeTreebeard - Treebeard at first doen't want to go to war but afetr awhile he decides war is the only choice

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