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I am Greenleaf13, I hope you enjoy my small page on LOTR. For the past Four years I Have become obsessed with LOTR. Most of all, the characters and thier cultures. Below I have chossen a few of the characters to summerize for you. Enjoy !!<br>_Frodo Baggins_ Is a Hobbit of course. When he was a small child he was orphaned due to a very unfortunate boat accident in a storm. His uncle, Bilbo Baggins, decided to take him in to insure that a wothy Baggins would always live in bag end. Wen Frodo was much older he took up the quest to destroy the one ring of power. He succeded with the help of Samwise Gamgee. Frodo was then sailed to Valinor with the other remaining ring bearers.<br>_Aragorn_ The last king of Gondor. He is of the Dunidien warriors. As a small child His mother hid him in Rivendell to protect him from being killed. Because of his mother he survived and became the last of his bloodline. When Aragorn grew older he decided to turn from the path of King of Gondor, due to the weakness in his bloodline. Doing so he became a Ranger from the North Hiding from his true purpose. Aragorn eventually joined Frodo on his quest to destroy the one ring. When Frodo and Sam left the Fellowship Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli continued fighting until the ring was destroyed and Aragorn claimed the throne to Gondor And married Arwen.<br>_The dark lord_ Obviously, He got angry, forged the One Ring, Lost the ring, finally woke up as an eye, tryed to get the ring back, and lost it and his dominion forever. End of the dark lord of the earth.<br> I hope you have enjoyed my page and if you did I will probably update it in time.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeeGil GaladAragorn

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