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Hobbit at Heart
Hi, and welcome to my home(puts hand by sholder in the fation of elves).Now is the time you can learn about me. I obviosly love Lord of the Rings. Its my passion for the most part.Although I do enjoy other things especiely martial arts. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and am currently studying Tai Chi, Although I am only a begginer.Enough about me though the reason i got this web site was to share my ideas about Lord of the Rings here they are: a)the Lord of the rings trilogy is the best book/movie ever made thus far.b)i love the way Tolkien envisioned this incredable world.c)if you've read this far, you may be incredibly bored with me so i wont go any farther. Ihave too many views to put them all down here. you will hear from me at other times if you wish to have a fun discussion on lord of the rings(or the actors in them. HOT).I love to talk about music so if your a music lover feel free to talk to me. Hope to talk to ya soon!
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGrima WormtongueGollum/SmeagolGimliGandalfGaladrielFrodo BagginsFaramirEomerBoromirArwenAragorn

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