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Hello to all who gather here, to many friends from far and near.
I love LOTR, what more is there to say?! I collect just about anything that's LOTR. I mean, I have other interests and hobbits--hobbies! Lets see... I love Renn. Faires(I'm working at one this summer as a pirate); Josh Groban(I'm a Grobie); Tree's(I'm part of a 'Hug a Tree' foundation/organization; I want to go to Ireland (and live there when I'm a little older- I just can't describe how much I love Ireland); RPing; MOVIES (I'm a movie junkie! My favorites are LOTR, Pirate of the Carribean, The Count of Monte Cristo, A Beautiful Mind, Star Wars, Anchor man, Jim Carrey anything...the list goes on); I'm also a huge child(not like a fat kid who likes cake and stuff, but like my inner child is my outter child)...for example I love cartoons(Fav's: Justice League, Teen Titans, Samuri Jack...); umm...oh, yes and I'm an English major/theatre minor at a local college in my town (Ok, USA).
Yes, well, that should do it for now. Oh and if you like the same things as me, please e-mail, I'm always looking for people like myself to talk to(seeing how all my friends went to other colleges...We hates them. Well, not really."
Thanks for reading!!
My favorite characters are:
Samwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckGandalfFrodo BagginsBoromirAragorn

Contact me:

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