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The Lost Wizard of Middle-Earth
Hi, I'm Matt Cervetti, I am a Wizard, I believe that Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" is the true history of our world.
My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - Aragorn is like the apostles, following Jesus (Gandalf) wherever he goes, and taking up for him when he dies. He also kicks ass.Eomer - Eomer kicks ass, just like Aragorn. I'm not sure what he symbolizes but maybe since he kicks ass like Aragorn then he represents the person that always helps when ever he can or...fuck itGaladriel - Galadriel is an ass-kicking Elf. Elfs are Immortal and you can;t go wrong with an ass-kicking immortal, so there you have itGandalf - Gandalf is Jesus, Jesus was God, Gandalf is God, Jesus was man and spirit just like the Wizards, Jesus loved poor and helpless people like the Jews, Gandalf loved the hobbits, who were poor and helpless.He also dies and is resurected, just like Jesus.Legolas - legolas is another ass-kicking Elf. He kicks lots of ass He symblizes that when differnet people become friends and are at piece, they are much stronger. He becomes friends with the completely different raace, Gimli, and they accomplich great things tog
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