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A Youthful Thought
Well I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Middle Earth when I was about 6 years old. I thought when I was 6 it was amazing and exciting, I am now 15 and have read the books many times. Every time I read either the trilogy or The Hobbit the story deepens. I have not yet read The Silmarillion, but I have read parts of the appendices. The Lord of the Rings is as you might have figured is one of my favorite books, after reading my favorite hobby is drawing and playing sports, I also enjoy writing adventure short stories. Oh how could I forget to mention my favorite character, my favorite character has got to be Pippin. His youthfulness when you first meet him in the Fellowship and then his interesting turn into becoming a Guard of the Citadel.
My favorite character is:
Peregrin Took - He\'s so childish in the begin of the books and by the end he has become a night of Gondor. Just the emotional change in him is impresive!

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