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hey y'all!!! im 12years old and i absolutely LUV the lord of the rings!!!! Tolkien was so awesome for creating this mythical world that we could all escape to!!!! yeah there are the many cuties in movies(orlando bloom,viggo mortenson,sean astin,elijah wood,etc.), but just the story behind all the "good looks" is so great that it has been highly acclaimed all over the WORLD!!!! now i probably sound like a geeky english student or something but im totally not!!!! my friends think im totally crazy actually, because i get REALLY hyper alot and when im hyper im totally crazy!!! just today(as me and my friends were walking home i did 2 snowangels in 2ft of snow with a sleeveless shirt and shorts on!!!! and i get way worse then that!!!! all i want to do when i grow up is bungee jumping and sky diving!!!! but for a career i totally want to do something with movies i just ant decide if i want to be an actress, director or a producer!!!! i am sooooo into movies!!!! iv seen like every movie on this planet!!!
i also luv to read!!! oops gotta go!!!! TALK 2 U'ALL L8ER!!!!

My favorite characters are:
TreebeardSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGollum/SmeagolGimliFrodo BagginsArwenAragorn

Contact me:

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