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I Love Legolas
I have been a fan of the Lord of the Rings books since I was about 9 years old. I can not remember anymore how many times I have read the trilogy. Since the release of The Fellowship in it's movie form I have had a much renewed interest in anything to do with the Lord of the Rings. Legolas was always one of my favorite characters (although I also very much like Aragorn and Samwise as well and I am particularly fond of Gandalf), and the way Orlando Bloom has portrayed the chaaracter has so closely matched my vision of him it is uncanny. <br>I am a single mother of a very beautiful baby girl(who is right now only 10 days old) and I enjoy readin, music and gaming(of various sorts). I am 26 years old and live on the beach in Florida. I would very much like to make some friends who share my feelings about the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other works(those I have been able to find and read have also been very good).<br>The Two Towers comes to theaters in just 3 days and I am getting very anxious! I can not wait to see it!
My favorite characters are:
Arwen - Beautiful.Aragorn - Strength, power, and true frienship.Galadriel - Power with self control.Gandalf - Wise and kind.Legolas - Bravery, honor, and VERY good looks.Samwise Gamgee - Trust and everlasting frienship and loyalty.
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