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Kingdom of rohan
I am theoden son of Thengel and Morwen
The diary of king ttheoden king of rohan part 1:
Day One
Desperately in need of new personal assistant. Have contacted Ninety Minute Minion Services in Isengard. Seems best bet as if minion does not arrive in ninety minutes you get free Orc. Do not actually know what would do with Orc if had one, so do hope minion arrives on time.
Day Two
New minion arrived. Not best looking bloke I've ever clapped eyes on, but then again, not everyone can be brainless pretty boy with big show-off ponytail like Eomer. Little does Eomer know Wormtongue has promised me new makeover with Saruman's personal line of beauty products. Has promised me I will look fresh and youthful. Day Three
Is that a grey hair?
Day Four
New makeover gone horribly awry. Do not look fresh and youthful, instead resemble albino dwarf after two years pickling in the Dead Marshes.
Suspect Wormtongue has crush on Eowyn. Cannot blame him as Eowyn quite smoking. Don't know where she gets off being so high and mighty. Have told her pose for Shield Maidens Gone Wild you must expect some male attention
more in a couple of days!
cant wait?
go to the council of free men website to view more stories: http://eldarionpc.com/forum/index.php
My favorite characters are:
Theoden - cool speach cool weapons just a cool guy with a cool empireSauron - a cool and scary looking guy with power lust and evilGollum/Smeagol - just a funny guyElrond - mysterious and cool

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