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Hello. I don't have too much to say yet about LOTR, I just finished reading it and, I did watch both movies... :D They were great. Tolkien is an amazing author. He doesn't just create a story that ends, he creates history that will never be forgotten. So far my favourite characters are Aragorn, Gandalf, Sam, Gollum and Shadowfax. Shadowfax counts, right? I love horses. I also like biking, dancing, foods, and cultures. Anyway, what else about me? I'm 15 and I live in Toronto, my name's Tye. I'm pretty random at times and ramble on about nothing..a habit =P. I'll probably have a lot of questions about the LOTR, too. <br>Nice to meet you.<br>*RIP LAYANA, FEB 1 2003* Wish you were here. Love you. =(
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - funny old tree, &quot;We have agreed. You are not Orcs.&quot; Lmao jkzPeregrin Took - funny and cuteSamwise Gamgee - loyal, simple, and great...i like this character a lotLegolas - what's not to say? ;) he's an elf! got wicked archery skills, looks, faithfulGandalf - funny, wise, great friendIsildur - i like his name...*inside joke* lolGimli - that guys cool, man, don't mess with the dwarf!Eowyn - she can handle a sword yo..props for thatGaladriel - nice hair...and she can read minds!Elrond - wise, realistic, and I can make my hair look sorta like his hehehehBoromir - he's got a soft spot for hobbits ^_^Bilbo Baggins - he's a very...grandfather-type of guy =)Theoden - he's very kingly ^^Arwen - pretty and braveAragorn - rugged good looks and very talented...life-long friend
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