RP !!!!

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RP !!!!

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Ok, so i thought i would start a new role play.
make up characters that dont exist in Tolkins books if you want or you can be one of the characters in his books if you want. Its all up too you.

Please dont take someone elses character
Please give some details of your character like age name race and background.
Make up your own story line because without it wii sing pop hitsoils the fun.
Dont be rude to other members or cut them out and please dont swear because some members will be younger than you are.
If you want to leave the RP please kill your character off.

Last of all HAVE FUN!!!!

Name: Lilly
Race: Numorion (from Gondor)
Age: 19

Background: Lillys parents died when she was young and she now lives with her older brother Tious (Please be this character if you want). She likes to read and has an outstanding friendship with faramir.
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