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Bard is a descendant of King Girion of Dale and appears in "The Hobbit", when Smaug attacks Lake-town. Known as Bard the Bowman, he earned fame as a skilled archer, and was the honorable captain of the guard of Esgaroth. He grew up, being very pessimistic and grim, and humans believed he attracted bad luck.

Bard killed the evil dragon Smaug with the Black Arrow after we had received a prompting message about the dragon's weak point from Bilbo. He got a fourteenth of the treasure reclaimed which he later shared with the Master of Esgaroth to restore the town, but the Master took the money and ran away into the wild where he found his death. After Lake-town's rebuilding, Bard was the first king of restored Dale (known as Bard I), followed by his son Bain.

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