Middle-earth: Shadow of War Is An Action Adventure

When it comes to Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the game is one of the most enticing open-world games you’ll ever come across. Developed by Monolith Productions, the action-packed RPG serves as a worthy successor to its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor. From the fascinating lore that is woven into the story, to the newer and more challenging task of taking on orcs, you’ll have your hands full and love every minute spent playing.

If you’ve never heard of this game before, you’re in for a treat as you take on castle sieges, face off against furious bosses, and experience LOTR in a game that isn’t pure cannon, but remains one that will keep you immersed and engaged.

Middle-earth game

Involved Storyline

No LOTR game, whether it’s an Australian pokies favorite or a console or PC title, can do much unless they have a solid storyline and Shadow of War doesn’t disappoint. The game blends a compelling narrative into the epic battle scenes as the story explores the background of your character Talion’s quest for vengeance and redemption. With more than a few unexpected twists, coupled with an undeniable sense of urgency, the storyline becomes an ever-present and driving force throughout the game.

A Vast and Truly Living Middle-earth

With a meticulously crafted open-world environment that captures both the beauty and the many dangers within Middle-earth, you’ll get to experience everything from the desolate landscapes of Gorgoroth and the lush forests of Nurn. Everywhere you turn you’ll discover plenty to explore as the regions are filled with life and opportunities.

An Evolved Nemesis System

With the reveal of the groundbreaking Nemesis System in the first game, Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War takes this innovative feature to new heights. The Nemesis System is used to create a dynamic hierarchy of orc leaders and commanders. What makes the system unique is that each orc has its own special strengths, weaknesses, and personality, and your interactions with these characters shape the course of the game. This allows for an almost unparalleled chance to make the game deeply personal and offer an unpredictable experience that’s almost impossible to replicate. And yes, it’s as much fun to experience as it sounds.

Ring of Power and Domination

With the plot of the One Ring central to both books and movies, this iconic item also plays a central role in Shadow of War, and it has plenty of influence in the game’s main mechanics. The legendary Ring of Power grants your character, the protagonist, Talion, the ability to dominate and control orc captains and other war chiefs. This in-game domination mechanic gives the game a very dynamic approach as you build an army, infiltrate enemy strongholds, and turn the tide of battles.

Fully Engaging Scale Battles

One of the undisputed highlights is the ability to engage in large-scale battles as you lead epic sieges against fortresses held by Sauron’s forces. You can lead armies of both orcs and allies into the fray and the game allows for plenty of strategic planning to do this.

Without a doubt, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a must-play for fans of action RPGs, fantasy epics, and J.R.R Tolkien. Its expansive world and evolved Nemesis System, with the chance to wield the One Ring, and to wage epic battles create a fully immersive and undeniably engaging story.