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Bombur is one of the thirteen dwarves participated in the journey, and is described as fat, foolish and slow. He always did some mistakes and caused problems on the quest. Bombur fell into the waters of the Enchanted River and fell asleep, so the dwarves had to carry him through Mirkwood. He tumbled and fell on Thorin, came to Beorn's house earlier he ought, and was the first choice for giant spiders to eat. At the Lonely Mountain, he refused to climb to the top of the hill to find the secret door and stayed behind until Smaug appeared, then the dwarf was pulled up by a cord and hid in the passage with his companions.

Bombur slept almost at every crucial moment in "The Hobbit". He also slept when his cask was opened at Esgaroth and when Bilbo found the secret entrance to Erebor.

The pump dwarf stayed alive after the Battle of Five Armies and remained at the mountain. Many years later, in 3018, Frodo Baggins asked about Bombur and found out that he had grown so fat that he could not even move.

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