GlorfindelIn J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth mythology, Glorfindel was an Elf-lord of great power and significance. Though not featured prominently in The Lord of the Rings trilogy itself, This elfl played a crucial role in the defeat of the dreaded Witch-king of Angmar centuries earlier during the wars in Arnor.

Glorfindel appeared as a towering elf-warrior with long golden hair. He typically wore armor that glinted like silver and gold, over robes of deep blue. His face was ageless and fair beyond the beauty of mortal men, yet etched with a nobility and gravity from bearing witness to centuries of Middle-earth’s history. Though solemn at times, the warmth of the Eldar still dwelled in Glorfindel’s piercing eyes that shone with inner light. His voice could alternate between the terrible wrath of battle and enchanting melodies weaving spells of courage or healing.

Glorfindel was born in the city of Gondolin during the First Age and was counted amongst the greatest of the Eldar in terms of wisdom, strength, and overall virtue. When Gondolin fell near the end of the First Age, Glorfindel was slain battling a Balrog to allow the city’s refugees to escape. For his valor and self-sacrifice, he was granted a rebodied form and returned to Middle-earth during the Second Age.

Centuries later, the Witch-king arose as the Lord of the Nazgûl and seized the abandoned fortress of Angmar as his base of operations. From here, the Witch-king launched devastating campaigns against the successor kingdoms of Arnor, eventually disintegrating the northern realm. As the Witch-king’s forces closed in on the Arnorian capital of Fornost, Glorfindel marched with reinforcements from Rivendell along with the Dúnedain ranger Eärnur.

In the subsequent Battle of Fornost, Glorfindel fought against the Witch-king and duelled him in combat. As the Battle of Fornost raged, Glorfindel sought out the Witch-king and found him marshaling his forces. The two ancient foes then clashed in single combat amidst the chaos of the battle swirling around them. Though the dark magics of the Witch-king cowed even the hardiest of men, Glorfindel revealed the light of the Elder Days and withstood the wraith’s malice.

Pressing the attack, Glorfindel’s speed and skill outmatched his towering foe clad in tattered robes. As the Witch-king reeled and death seemed imminent, he abandoned his host and fled the battlefield. While unable to slay the wraith, Glorfindel had turned the tide and driven off Angmar’s dreaded king through martial skill combined with Elven light.

As one of the mighty Eldar of old, Glorfindel shone with renowned brilliance that could overawe sinister forces like Ringwraiths. His strategic leadership and martial prowess were critical for uniting the remnants of Arnor and rebuffing Angmar. For thwarting the malevolent Witch-king and inspiring hope against the Shadow, Glorfindel’s legend lived on in song and reverence amongst the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.