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GaladrielHouse of Finarfin was the most powerful elf family. Finarfin and Earwen had five children: Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod and Galadriel “A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.” As was customary among the Elves in the Undying Lands, Galadriel was given name by her father Artains, which was “noble woman”, and her mother Nerwen, “man maiden”. As her father was the son of High King of the Noldor, Galadriel was identified as a princess of the Noldor.

Galadriel was quite independent, strong and wise. The fact, that she was both Noldorin and Telerin origin, making her extremely powerful. She was incredibly beautiful. Galadriel became one of the wisest Noldorin Elves. She was “strong of body, mind, and will, a match for both the loremasters and the athletes of the Eldar in the days of their youth”.

In the early First Age Galadriel with the eldest brother Finrod Felagund came to Doriath. There she met Celeborn, prince of Doriath. There was great love between them. She became his wise and companion. When Galadriel’s brother Finrod left Beleriand and went to the Caverns of Narog to establish the fortress of Nargothrond. “Galadriel, his sister went not with him to Norgothrond, for in Doriath dwelt Celeborn, kinsman of Thingol”. Though she occasionally visited Finrod in Nargothrond.

The war of the Jewels continued throughout the First Age. All four Galadriel’s brothers were killed. Galadriel and Celeborn dwelt in Beledriand until the end of the First Age. In the wars of Beledriand Doriath was destroyed. So the couple lived in Lindon, the western part of the Blue Mountains.

In the early Second Age Galadriel with her husband crossed the Blue Mountains and founded in Eridor. A number of Elves followed them. They may have settled near Lake Evendin. Celebrian may be born during this time.

Some years after Galadriel and Celeborn travelled to the realm of Erigon, at the western foot of the Misty Mountains. Erigon was considered to be a haven for the Elves of Middle-Earth. The land was later known as Hollin. The realm was ruled by Celebrimor. Erigon allied itself with the Dwarves of Khazad-Dum. They also shared each other skills in the crafting of gems. Ill blood was flowing between Celeborn and Dwarves. Celeborn’s distrust of Dwarves was evident. Being so wise Galadriel tried to calm down her husband as she knew the need for allies in the War against Sauron.

Sauron was able to manipulate his appearance. Thus, later, around the year 1200, he appeared to the Eives in his pleasing form. Sauron called himself Annatar. He persuaded Celebrimbor to forge the Rings of Power. Celebrimbor was deceived by Sauron. Sauron helped Elves forge the Seven Ring of the Dwarves and the Nine Ring of Men.

Galadriel distrusted and suspected of Annatar. In Circa 1600, Sauron created the One Ring to rule them all. Celebrimbor and the Elven-Smiths couldn’t destroy their Rings, as they were too powerful. When Celebrimbor realized that he had been deceived he consulted Galadriel. She advised him to hid the Rings and never to use them. "Galadriel counseled him that the Three Rings of the Elves should be hidden, never used, and dispersed, far from Eregion where Sauron believed them to be. It was at that time that she received Nenya, the White Ring, from Celebrimbor, and by its power the realm of Loriland was strengthened and made beautiful; but its power upon her was great also and unforeseen, for it increased her latent for the Sea and return into the West, so that her joy of Middle-Earth was diminished."

Galadriel kept a watch on Sauron’s presence in Middle-Earth. The White Council was formed. Galadriel and husband Celeborn became its members.

In 1697 Sauron attacked Erigon. Celeborn led a small army to meet the vanguard of Sauron, but he was outnumbered.

After that Celeborn and Galadriel live for some time in Lothlorien. Together they helped strengthen the defenses against Dol Guldur. Later Galadriel and Celeborn visited Rivendell. But the threat to Lothlorien increased when the Balrogs, demons of shadow and flame, awoke in Khazad-Dum. The lover of Amroth, the King of Lothlorien, fled and Amroth followed her, but he perished at Sea. Celeborn and Galadriel returned and took the title of Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. Together they built Caras Galadhon, the city and fortress of Galathrim of Lothlorien. Galadriel had a garden. There she kept her Mirror. The Mirror of Galadriel was a silver bowl, which Galadriel filled with water from the stream. Galadriel could command the Mirror to show certain images. The Mirror could also show its own images of the past, present and possible future.

Galadriel and others Wise suspected that the evil power of Dol Guldur was Sauron. Though Sauron had been defeated, the One Ring had not been destroyed, so his spirit endured.

Galadriel knew that geographical location of Lothlorien prevent Sauron from crossing the Anduin, and she fortified it borders with the power of the Ring, Neya. In January of 3019 the Fellowship of the Ring were in Lothlorien on their quest of destroying the One Ring. Galadriel gave Frodo her Mirror to look into and she knew that he saw the eye of Sauron.

Frodo offered Galadriel the one Ring. Had she been offered it in her youth, she would have accepted it, as Galadriel was ruled by both pride and desire to have power in her own in Middle-Earth. But due to the accumulated wisdom that she acquired within over two Ages, Galadriel reject it. “I pass the test” she said. “I will diminish, and go into the West and remain Galadriel”.

She sent the Fellowship off on their quest equipped with gifts.

The most important gifts she gave to Aragon and Gimli. To Aragon she gave the Elessar, elf stone, which had the light of the sun trapped within it. And she rewarded Gimli with three strands of her hair. To Frodo she gave Star-glass, or the Phial of Galadriel. "And you, Ring-bearer,’ she said, turning to Frodo. ‘I come to you last who are not last in my thoughts. For you I have prepared this.’ She held up a small crystal phial: it glittered as she moved it, and rays of white light sprang from her hand. ‘In this phial,’ she said, ‘is caught the light of Eärendil’s star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Remember Galadriel and her Mirror!”

Though Gandalf had died, Galadriel perceived that he would return and asked Gwaihir the Wind lord to look for him in the Misty Mountains. Gandalf was allowed back into the world by Eru to complete his task. He returned as Gandalf the White.

In 3021 Galadriel met Frodo and his companions in the Woody land. From there they rode together to the Sea. This journey is known as the Last Riding of the Keepers of the Rings. Celeborn traveled with his wife to the Grey Havens. Then Celeborn and Galadriel parted. Celeborn decided to remain in Middle-Earth, but Galadriel returned to the Undying Lands.

There Galadriel was reunited with her parents and her daughter. Celebrian, and later her husband joined her there.

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